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Turitea Marae is located North West of Otorohanga township, off State Highway 31 on route to Kawhia, in the Waikato Region (approximately 14km’s from Otorohanga township).

Its principal hapū is Ngāti Pourahui of the tribal collective of Ngāti Maniapoto.

The Marae is still in development, however a name has been chosen for the Wharenui by our ancestors, to be revealed when built. Turitea Marae connects ancestrally to the Tainui waka and the maunga Pirongia, and the awa Moakurarua. The area and Marae was named by King Tawhiao during one of his walks from Kawhia. He stopped due to sore legs (or injury) and henceforth named the place Turitea. In 1972 Turitea Marae was gazetted and set aside for the purpose of a marae, meeting place, recreational ground and urupa for the common use and benefit of the Ngati Maniapoto tribe.

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