Te Reo Mihi (Te Hiku o te Ika)


New Zealand
34° 31' 5.07" S, 172° 54' 35.73" E



Te Reo Mihi marae (also known as Te Hiku o te Ika) is located in the northernmost papakainga of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Te Hāpua. It belongs to Ngāti Kurī, who descend from the Kurahaupō waka. Te Hāpua itself has been misnamed geographically and according to Ngāti Kurī traditional knowledge should actually be 'Te Hopua Wai' - which describes a large body of water (Parengarenga).

Te Reo Mihi marae and its people generally associate themselves with the early twentieth-century religious teachings of the prophet T.W. Ratana (founder of the Ratana Church). The marae is ancestrally connected to the maunga Maungapiko, the waka Kurahaupō and to the nearby Parengarenga Harbour. 

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