Ngāwari Pā


New Zealand
38° 22' 57" S, 177° 48' 42.0012" E



Ngāwari Pā lies to the west of Māngatu marae in Whatatutu, on the banks of the Māngatu River. The primary hapu is Ngā Ariki Kaipūtahi. The old wharenui that once stood on this site was submerged after the river flooded. 

A sign at the site reads 'Pa site of Ngā Ariki Kaipūtahi'. Ngā Ariki Kaipūtahi (or Ngāriki Kaiputahi) is considered to be the oldest iwi in the area, and in the present day consists of 51 whanau, who also whakapapa to other marae in the area, particularly Māngatu. The marae connects ancestrally to the awa Māngatu, the waka Horouta, and the maunga Maungahaumia. 



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